Memory and Identity exhibition

 Track from the Marsh

Track from the Marsh, mixed media on paper

Memory and Identity

Lauderdale House  25 February – 8 March 2015

His forthcoming show ‘Memory and Identity’ explores the challenges and paradoxes of our economic, social and physical environment, the fabric of our communities, our private states of mind and belief, and the relationships, myths and stories that define us.

He works in oil, on canvass or board, on paper in ink, wax, and pastel, and with wood cut printmaking. The layering of the stories is reflected in his use of media combinations within his composition. 

Whether the setting of his composition is a familiar landscape, the Thames Estuary, or story, Don Quixote or The Magic Flute, he explores the human condition. and the inhabitation of the spaces and places that occupy our minds, our memories and identities


Angus Anderson has lived in north London all his adult life, and as Londoners do, brings his family roots and formative years, in his case in southern Ireland, west Wales and Kent, to the core of his work.

He has come to his work as a practicing artist after a 40 year professional career in public services and social policy.

After a number of evening and day classes at the City Lit, in 2012 he took the Foundation in Fine Art at Morley College and is now completing a full time, 3 year Diploma in Fine Art at the Art Academy, from which he will graduate this July.

In 2013 he had his first public show at St Anne’s Highgate, and was invited to speak about his practice at the Royal Academy’s first In Practice Programme. In January 2014 three of works were selected for the Millinery Works 40/40 show, at which he is again exhibiting in 2015. In 2014 his landscape ‘Winter – Borth Beach’ was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

‘Memory and Identity’ at Lauderdale House will be his first major individual show.

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